Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I LOVE Happy Mail Days
And Today was a Perfect One

Last week I ordered a memory box for my MIL
I plan to put a few select items in it
And send it to her for Christmas
I'm sure she will add some special treasures of her own

It arrived today

It's hard to tell from these photos
But the box is about 9x13
And will hold many pictures
As well as lots of other treasures

I like it so much
That I will be going on-line tonight
And ordering one for myself

It has been 8 months
Since I lost my precious Mark
It's been a tough day...


Gretchen Clark said...

I LOVE my boxes so much~I am thinking of ordering another, LOL!! I love that picture of Mark ;)

Anonymous said...

Like the box! I might have to get one.